Securus Technologies’ Caller Voice Recognition Software To Revolutionize Crime Detection In Prisons

The latest software to come out of the Texas Based, Securus Technologies is that of Investigator Pro ™ 4.0. Its capabilities are set to revolutionize the way that criminal activity is detected within and without the current prison calling system. What is does is to recognize the voice of the person with whom an inmate is conversing as it matches their voice with their identity.


With this system, prison officials can discover whether a certain person has spoken on the phone with numerous inmates, enabling them to pinpoint types of crime that were previously untraceable.


Not only can the software detect with whom an inmate is speaking, but in addition, it can help expose crime rings if the voice should belong to an ex-inmate or person who is involved in gang-relate activities. It enables officials to connect the dots and analyze information in new and interesting ways.


This is not the first product from Securus Technologies to aid with prison transactions; they previously acquired JPay, which is used in more than 33 correctional systems and whose uses range from email, educational and other apps, as well as electronic payments. JPay is used in prison systems which house 1.6 million inmates in total.


Securus Technologies has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is accredited by the same. They employ roughly 1,000 people and have contracts with 2,600 prison facilities in the United States alone.


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