Davos CAP Calculator, A Revolutionary Mobile Application for the Real Estate Industry

On the 22nd of June 2016, an event guaranteed to transform the real estate investing as we know it, took place in Miami. David Osio, the CEO of Davos International Group, together with the Executive Directors of Davos Real Estate Group (REG); Pablo Bausili and Gerald Gonzalez, unveiled to their clientele, Davos’ latest mobile application, the Davos CAP Calculator.


The aim of this innovative calculator according to Gerald Gonzalez, is to help real estate investors estimate the ROI on a property to gain a clearer financial understanding of the property the client intends to invest in. Besides helping to determine restitution on property investment, the Davos Cap Calculator can assist in the estimation of a property’s rent price to decide which property best suits the investor’s projected income.


Moreover, the application can serve as a useful Mortgage Calculator, through which Davos’ customers can estimate their mortgages in comparison to the Bank’s projections, funding duration, and associated interest rate.


David Osio revealed that what inspired the development of this application was Davos REG’s commitment to its business objective of assisting its customers to get sound financial guidance when investing in the United States real estate market.


It took at least six months before the application became a reality. During this entire period, Gerard Gonzalez worked hand in hand with Tecknolution to design and develop the software. The Davos Cap Calculator is just but the first of the many series of apps which the company intends to launch to help real estate investors have an easier time. These solutions will help the clients to identify viable properties, mitigate property investment risks, and also forward historical property reports to real estate agents, through the mobile phone.


Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is a leading financial advisor in the Latin America market and boasts of over twenty years of lending valuable financial advice. The firm also has strategic partnerships with international real estate agents, spread across the US such as New York City, and Miami, as well as across the European border, predominantly Spain, Panam, and Geneva.


David Osio, the CEO of the Davos Financial Group of companies, is an accomplished expert in the Financial service Sector. He has had an illustrious career in the Finance Industry which includes serving as the Vice President of the Commercial Banking for Banco Latino International, Director for Escritorio Jurídico MGO based in Caracas, Venezuela.


He holds a law degree from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello. He also studied Equity Portfolio Management from the New York Finance Institute, Advanced Management Program at IESA, as well as undergone the Swiss Bank Corporation’s Management Training. David is passionate about Investment, Personal Finance Planning, Corporate Planning, International Travel and he is a budding art collector.