Cotemar’s Successful Career Track in the Mexican Oil and Gas Industry

Since the beginning of oil exploration in Mexico, the government-owned oil company Pemex has managed all the oil assets and businesses in the country. Recently, after the government’s motion to issue tenders to the private companies, privately owned oil companies in the region will have a share in the oil exploration enterprise of the country. With the involvement of international companies such as Cotemar, the oil sector of Mexico is speculated to undergo a massive revolution. However, the change will have some challenges such as inheritance of preexisting land issues from business dealings of Pemex and unresolved social matters. The Mexican government issued a report to assure the public that it will take the necessary steps to manage the country’s oil production, royalties, and taxation despite the number of challenges that will affect the business procession with the private companies.



Cotemar is a Mexican privately owned oil and gas company that has provided services to Pemex for a long time. The company’s business dealings offer business opportunities similar to the ones taken up by Pemex. Cotemar develops solutions for the state to extract oil and gas by innovating technology that extracts oil products in offshore regions. Currently, the firm is set to expand its business by developing new vessels and bringing in more investors. Cotemar began offering services and solutions to the oil industry in 1980 and has since grown to become the biggest offshore oil extracting company in all of Mexico, with more than thirty vessels.



Cotemar has a strong dedication to offering job opportunities that maximize the talents and skills of their employees. They apply training lessons, create innovate workshops and enter into business contracts with universities and colleges to support students in search of jobs in the oil industry. Gilberto Pacheco Hernandez testified that since his recruitment to the company while it was still young, he has experienced satisfaction growing with the company and earned an immense amount of skills and knowledge from its training courses. Cotemar believes that the potentiality of the company has a close connection to the professionalism and excellence of their staff, hence commits to training and developing the skills of its workforce.



Conflict between Securus Technologies and the Global Tel Link (GTL) Press

GTL media has recently been at loggerheads with Securus Technologies for releasing unfounded information to the public. Securus has decided to release a statement to defend itself against the GTL inaccurate reporting as a way of protecting their reputation.


Securus Technologies is an organization specializing in offering civil and criminal justice with technology solutions that will help the correction facilities with investigations, corrections, monitoring, and safety to the inmates and the public. The main offices of the company are located in Dallas Texas.


Securus Technologies play a fundamental role in Texas as it serves over 3000 public safety, correction and law enforcement agencies. Besides, the correction facility is the home to around 1.2million inmates spread in various parts of the world. The organization is highly devoted to delivering quality services and connections. They are in the forefront in ensuring access to emergency responses to inmates and staff, incident management, providing public information, aiding communication and biometric evaluation among others.


With this kind of responsibility, the correctional facility management had to release a formal statement counteracting the inaccurate information from GTL. The organization decided to adopt this method instead of suing GTL to save time and money involved in litigations.


One of the allegations leveled against Securus by GTL is that it has been using GTL patented technologies. The correction facility brushes this information and denies using GTL video technology.


Therefore, Securus believes that litigation path GTL are considering, is illogical. Securus technologies will win the case, and the GTL will be disadvantaged. However, Securus are ready to challenge GTL’s technology, defending themselves as well as asserting their patents as a way of responding to the attacks.


Securus is no doubt ahead of GTL in terms of technology usage as they have united with JPay to provide the correction centers with digital payments platforms, education and entertainment among others.

Anthony Petrello: Innovation Meets Business

Using the latest technology and advanced features, Nabors Industries LTD is seemingly becoming one of the largest names in the drilling industry on Backed by an experienced team of top experts and field educated staff members, Nabors Industries LTD has recently become the leading supplier of rigs and related equipment. Through a variety of innovative techniques and original business ventures, the company managed to increase sales and solidify its name. Operating under the direct guidance of Anthony Petrello, Nabors Industries LTD is continuously increasing in both popularity and product supply on

The one time lawyer, Tony Petrello honed his leadership skills working as a manager for the infamous Berkeley & Mckenzie law firm. Leading the New York devision, Anthony helped excel the firm into a huge success. After serving many years at Berkeley & Mckenzie, Anthony Petrello now sits as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nabors Industries LTD. Carefully overseeing the daily task of the company, Tony Petrello is working tirelessly to propel the company to new heights. The company is the largest land based drilling rig fleet. Instilling new and creative ideas into the company, Nabors Industries LTD has already accomplished global success.

Using a variety of different services, Nabors Industries LTD is unmatched against its competitors on The innovative company combines technological features and products to offer the best available services. Using creative techniques the company developed software to help control most automated rigs.

The established software helps increase the accuracy and effectiveness of the drilling rigs at Working to improve the penetration and drilling performance of the rigs, the new software is unique in its field. Automated and remotely operated drills can now be controlled with a simple and basic software function.

Along with new software, Nabors Industries LTD also offers an abundance of operational tools and onshore drilling products. The huge fleet of rigs can provide any available tool needed to complete drilling task. The company has collectively deployed over a thousand different top drives. Boosting speed and.performance, Nabors Industries LTD also offers a 24 hour help line for all its products. Customers are allowed to speak to trained specialist and technicians set in place to help ease and troubleshoot any problem. The company helps produce and manufacture the most basic and complex drilling rigs required for various task.

Anthony Petrello has helped turn Nabors Industries LTD into a mega company. The huge business produce a variety of different specialized rigs. These machines are able to drill both on and offshore. As the products continue to upgrade, the importance of specialized rigs continue to grow. The rigs are used in over 40 different areas expanding from the Middle East to the Golf Coast.

Anthony and his colleagues are proving to be the top performers in their field. Establishing and maintaining the growth of Nabors Industries LTD is a complex task. As the services and products grow, the company remains as one of the safest and well resourced businesses in the industry. This innovative company has transcended any other competitors in its field of work.