Kim Dao Vlogs Her Tokyo Cherry Blossom Adventure With Vienna

In one of her latest vlogs, Kim Dao visits the blooming cherry blossoms in both Meguro and Yoyogi Park. Fellow YouTuber Vienna joins Kim Dao in this spectacular vlog adventure.


For those who don’t know, Meguro is a residential ward in Tokyo. Kim Dao says she has only been to Meguro once in the past, so she is really excited to see this section of the capital city again.


When Kim Dao arrives in Meguro, she is a bit disappointed that there aren’t as many sakura as she expected. She says that it has been exceptionally cold in Tokyo this year, which probably explains why the sakura are so late to bloom.


Both Vienna and Kim Dao then pick up a few cakes at a local store. Kim says they are going to eat them once they reach Yoyogi Park, which is only about a 30-minute metro ride away from Meguro.


Thankfully, there are tons of cherry blossom trees in Yoyogi Park. Kim Dao sits down with Vienna underneath some sakura and eats her cake.


Once the two finish their treats, they decide to get a proper dinner. Vienna takes Kim Dao to a hot spot in Harjuku called The Great Burger. Kim decides to get a mozzarella burger with fries and Vienna orders a salad.


After dinner, Kim Dao heads back to Yoyogi Park to catch some Pikachu on her Pokémon Go app. Although it’s dark outside, Kim is determined to capture as many Pokémon as possible. At home, Kim Dao says she was glad to see Vienna, especially considering the fact that Kim might be leaving Japan very soon.


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Samuel Strauch: The Real Estate Investment Guru

Samuel Strauch is a Real Estate investor and is currently a Principal at Metrik Real Estate, a leading investment firm in Real Estate in Miami Beach, Florida.

Samuel Strauch attended Erasmus University Rotterdam and graduated with a degree in International Marketing and International Finance. In 1991, he joined the Hofstra University and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business.

His studies in Finance, Capital Market, and Real Estate greatly influenced his career, and he took Capital Market and Real Estate investments as a full-time job. He started out his career in banking, but in 2012, he identified a market in South Beach, Florida and founded Metrik Real Estate. Through his leadership, the company has grown and expanded its operations in other Latin America countries. The company mainly deals in developing, sourcing, brokerage, maintaining and acquisition of Real Estate.

Samuel Strauch has credited his success to his ability to conduct thorough analysis, transparency, professionalism, and his forward thinking mentality. He tries to influence his team members and investors to have the same mentality as him.

Samuel Strauch has been considered as a ‘Smart Investor’. He once stated that for one to succeed in Real Estate business, you must have a good and definite understanding of the Macro and Micro market. It’s only through this understanding that you will be able to deliver custom tailored products to your clients. He has also considered himself as an ‘amateur but eager student’ of psychology.

His ability to identify an opportunity in the market has led him to be included in a list of the most influential and sort-after investor. He believes in human growth and urges each person to contribute to this cause actively.


Securus Technologies protects inmates and prisoners

Securus Technologies provides many solutions for local and state correctional facilities. It began offering collect call and recording services for inmates. It expanded into providing video visitation services for department of corrections services recently by providing medical technology solutions for the same facilities. These services are a natural extension of its video visitation services. It gives inmates the ability to visit doctors for minor issues without having to leave the facilities. This improves health care for inmates as it gives them access to more doctors. It also allows the staff to more safely and easily manage dangerous inmates.


This new video teleconferencing technology helped protect my husband who works in a state prison. He works in the administrative segregation area of the facility, and he deals with the more difficult to manage prisoners on a regular basis. These inmates often fake injuries or sometimes injure themselves to get out of the area. One of the inmates started throwing up in his cell one day. My husband could not tell whether the inmate was forcing himself to vomit or if it was an actual illness.


Prison staff usually suspect prisoners are faking such illnesses. It’s an understandable suspicion since they work with criminals every day. The guards must be careful, however, not every claim of injury or illness these prisoners make is false. Sometimes they are real. My husband secured the prisoner and took him to medical to use the medical teleconferencing systems.


The distant doctor determined that he most likely had a stomach bug, and he determined that the illness should pass in a day or two. The doctor told prison staff to keep an eye on the prisoner and make sure he drank plenty of fluids. The prisoner survived, and there was no need to endanger hospital staff.

Real Estate, Fine Arts, Bio Tech, Investments, and Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker has been an important name in the business world since the 1970s. He has been known for being involved in many different types of investment companies, fashion designer companies, and other business adventures. His most recent business dealings have led to an interview and subsequent article published by the Real Deal real estate news website. The article was published in March 2017.

The Real Deal discussed Arthur Becker’s latest real estate project. He has been a financial backer for many developers but this is his first project as the main person. It is a multi-million dollar redevelopment project in the heart of the Tribeca neighborhood. The article also discussed some of the other real estate projects that Arthur Becker is currently involved with in the New York City area. One project is located on West 57th Street and the other is on Sullivan Street. Both projects include buildings that will offer luxury residential housing options. Mr. Becker is a financial backer in both of these projects.

Real Estate is only one of the many business dealings that Mr. Becker is currently involved in. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman for the investment firm Zinio LLC. He is also the managing member of Madison Partners LLC.

Madison Partners LLC., is a bio technology firm. He has also held several other high powered positions in various companies throughout the years. One of these positions was as the senior adviser to the Vera Wang Fashion Company.

Mr. Becker is also a very well known photographer in the New York City and Palm Beach, Florida area. His photography projects have been shown in a variety of galleries in these cities for the past twenty years. Photography was in fact one of his earliest career aspirations and was one of his majors at Bennington College. Visit his LinkedIn for more details.

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Social Media Mistakes That Are All Too Common

Sometimes the best way to make a great impression is to just avoid making mistakes. People like it when they can do business with a company that just gets it. That is to say that people would like to work with a business which understands social media more than one who doesn’t seem to get it. As such, avoiding some of the most common social media mistakes is the easiest way to start making headway with a lot of customers.

One of the biggest mistakes that business users make is to be too pushy according to Too pushy can be a little difficult to define but most social media users know it when they see it. They just feel like the brand is pushing whatever they are selling too hard.

One way that a business may determine that they are being too pushy is to simply look at the response rates for the various online campaigns that they try. If the response rate seems to be falling off, then it is likely because the business is just trying too hard. They are asking people to view their marketing material too frequently, and this will lead to viewers starting to tune it out.

A great feature of social media is the ability to search for anything and everything on the site. You can pull up mentions of your particular brand if that is what you want to do, and honestly it is something that you should be doing. Notice what people are saying about your brand, but also pay attention to how they are sharing stories about you. This can clue you in to how you are doing with people on social media.

If you start to pay attention to things like this, then you are bound to learn a lot about what you need to know about what people think of your company. You can shape their ideas going forward as well. This may be something you decide you want to do if there are some problems with your current reputation online. Even if everything looks pretty good, just make sure that you are able to keep it that way.

Lori Senecal is Showing No Signs of Stopping

Lori Senecal has become one of the most recognizable names in the advertising industry. Senecal came from a humble home and used her experiences and thirst for innovation to fuel her incredibly successful career. She has become a titan of her industry, and she is showing no signs of backing down now.

Lori Senecal was born in a small town in Canada. Her mother and father, a school teacher and small business owner, had three other children. This dynamic led Lori to develop strong negotiation and innovation skills early on if she was going to get what she wanted. When she went to college at McGill University in Montreal, she did not even know what she wanted to study. When she took her first marketing course, she used that knowledge that she gained during her formative years to excel beyond all expectations. She had an interest in marketing, and she was about to make a career out of it.

Senecal worked at a smaller firm before moving to McCann Worldgroup, a large multinational advertising agency. There she went through the ranks fast, becoming the Global Chief Innovation Officer in 2006. In 2007, just one year later, she was given the position of President of McCann Worldgroup New York, the Company’s flagship office. From McCann, Senecal got a job as the President and CEO of KBS+, another large advertising firm. With these quick moves, she made a name for herself early on in the advertising industry. Read more on

While at KBS+, Senecal exercised her skills for innovation. She brought in policies that promoted creativity at the lower levels of the company and reduced the hierarchy that is normally found in a large, complex, multinational advertising agency. She wanted to focus on her staff and the people that worked for her rather than the large corporate structure and process that had traditionally been the face of the advertising agency. The firm saw results. With these results came many rewards for Senecal, including an Advertising Women of New York Game Changers award for innovation and leadership, a Jury Chair for the Isaac Awards in honor of innovation and invention, being named an executive to watch twice by Ad Week, and being appointed to the Board of MDC Partners, a large holding company for several advertising agencies.

Now Senecal is ready to start a new journey. In 2016 she was given the position of Global CEO at Crisipin, Porter, and Bogusky, and she is showing no signs of stopping her innovative and creative ideas.

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The QI Group’s Success Is Due To One Surprising Management Principle

When Vijay Eswaran founded QNET in 1998, his competitors in the commemorative coin market did not believe that QNET would succeed, since the company was coming into the market too late for selling Sydney 2000 Olympics coins.

What Eswaran’s competitors did not count on was QNET’s combination of e-commerce and direct selling; the company became extremely successful. The QI Group expanded into the education, property development, lifestyle and logistics sectors. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

Currently, Eswaran serves as the executive chair of the QI Group, which includes QNET. Eswaran’s success led him to create two foundations, RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation, and in 2011, Eswaran earned a place on Forbes Asia’s list of Heroes of Philanthropy.

According to QBuzz, furthering education is important to Brad Eswaran, which is why he is immensely proud of the Quest International University, which helps students find good jobs once they graduate, while the University’s ongoing construction is creating numerous jobs in the area.

A highly sought after motivational speaker, Brad Eswaran spoke at the World Economic Forum in 2015 and 2016. His speech, Building Mindful Organizations, discussed service above self, even within in a global conglomerate.

Eswaran’s management style is based on the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi; he says that by being an entrepreneur, his business is naturally spiritual. Most of his speeches are available in their entirety on Eswaran’s YouTube channel.

In the Sphere of Silence, Eswaran’s first book, he explains the techniques that he used to become successful. Quiet introspection is vital he claims, for sharpening the mind. Eswaran has written five other books as well.

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