Securus Technologies protects inmates and prisoners

Securus Technologies provides many solutions for local and state correctional facilities. It began offering collect call and recording services for inmates. It expanded into providing video visitation services for department of corrections services recently by providing medical technology solutions for the same facilities. These services are a natural extension of its video visitation services. It gives inmates the ability to visit doctors for minor issues without having to leave the facilities. This improves health care for inmates as it gives them access to more doctors. It also allows the staff to more safely and easily manage dangerous inmates.


This new video teleconferencing technology helped protect my husband who works in a state prison. He works in the administrative segregation area of the facility, and he deals with the more difficult to manage prisoners on a regular basis. These inmates often fake injuries or sometimes injure themselves to get out of the area. One of the inmates started throwing up in his cell one day. My husband could not tell whether the inmate was forcing himself to vomit or if it was an actual illness.


Prison staff usually suspect prisoners are faking such illnesses. It’s an understandable suspicion since they work with criminals every day. The guards must be careful, however, not every claim of injury or illness these prisoners make is false. Sometimes they are real. My husband secured the prisoner and took him to medical to use the medical teleconferencing systems.


The distant doctor determined that he most likely had a stomach bug, and he determined that the illness should pass in a day or two. The doctor told prison staff to keep an eye on the prisoner and make sure he drank plenty of fluids. The prisoner survived, and there was no need to endanger hospital staff.

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