Samuel Strauch: The Real Estate Investment Guru

Samuel Strauch is a Real Estate investor and is currently a Principal at Metrik Real Estate, a leading investment firm in Real Estate in Miami Beach, Florida.

Samuel Strauch attended Erasmus University Rotterdam and graduated with a degree in International Marketing and International Finance. In 1991, he joined the Hofstra University and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business.

His studies in Finance, Capital Market, and Real Estate greatly influenced his career, and he took Capital Market and Real Estate investments as a full-time job. He started out his career in banking, but in 2012, he identified a market in South Beach, Florida and founded Metrik Real Estate. Through his leadership, the company has grown and expanded its operations in other Latin America countries. The company mainly deals in developing, sourcing, brokerage, maintaining and acquisition of Real Estate.

Samuel Strauch has credited his success to his ability to conduct thorough analysis, transparency, professionalism, and his forward thinking mentality. He tries to influence his team members and investors to have the same mentality as him.

Samuel Strauch has been considered as a ‘Smart Investor’. He once stated that for one to succeed in Real Estate business, you must have a good and definite understanding of the Macro and Micro market. It’s only through this understanding that you will be able to deliver custom tailored products to your clients. He has also considered himself as an ‘amateur but eager student’ of psychology.

His ability to identify an opportunity in the market has led him to be included in a list of the most influential and sort-after investor. He believes in human growth and urges each person to contribute to this cause actively.


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