The Life and Times of George Soros, Billionaire Philanthropist

George Soros is a man of his time and an inspiration to today’s political world. Through aggressive donation strategies and support for his political candidates, he is able to effectively put money where it would best benefit the American people. Soros is well known for his monetary contributions against George W. Bush in 2004, as well as his unwavering support for 2016 political nominee Hillary Clinton. However, he was not always so politically inclined and has been known to use his fortune from his numerous hedge funds to finance other social issues of which he is passionate.

George Soros began sowing the seeds of his career at the London School of Economics, where he would be introduced to the works of Karl Popper. Popper’s original idea was that of an open society, where society’s moral codes were based on universal solutions that would benefit the whole, as opposed to closed societies who were focused on the individual. This idea stuck with Mr. Soros, and it is a basis for all of the philanthropist’s actions even today. After Soros graduated from LSE, he eventually moved to America and became a stock trader on Wall Street. He had no interest in staying in America for long; his plan was to stay only for 5 or 6 years, enough to amass a small sum of $500,000 in order to move back to Europe and begin life there. However, when he found work with Arnhold & Bleichroeder Inc., an investment firm, he realized his true calling and promptly changed his tactics to accommodate his new life.

In 1979, George Soros began what is known as the Open Society Foundation, and is the beginning of his work in philanthropy and financial giving. In the very beginning of his work, he was mostly unnoticed by the public. It wasn’t until he opened an office in Moscow in 1987 that his influence truly began to take hold. His spending increased from $3 million per year to well over $300 million by 1992, and his offices began to reach all throughout Europe and North America. Today, the Open Society Foundation has offices in more than 70 countries globally; all dedicated to providing funds to companies that promote the open society ideals. Today, the OSF is operated under Soros but is managed by Aryeh Neier, an individual responsible for creating the Students for a Democratic Society. Neier is also heading the entire Soros Foundation Network, at the behest of George Soros himself. Visit to know more about George Soros.

OSF is responsible for donating millions of dollars to foundations such as the American Civil Liberties Union and the Human Rights Watch, both of which support values that are compliant with George Soros’ personal beliefs. To date, the OSF’s assets exceed 1.9 billion dollars, and the money is used to put towards other foundation like the ACLU and the HRW.

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