The Interesting Life of Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is one of the most famous entrepreneurs on the east coast. Most notably, he was a senior advisor at the Vera Wang fashion company for nearly a decade. That was one of the few times he wandered away from technology and real estate.

Mr. Becker follows his interests to determine which project to invest in next. He’s worked with international companies and led many others to great success. Before diving into real estate, he was CEO of NaviSite and Zinio. NaviSite was one of the companies he was most connected to before its sell in 2011.

Now that he’s focused on real estate, Becker’s making waves in the industry. Some of these projects are the most renowned over the last decade. He uses his real estate projects to explore and display fabulous works of work. His real estate office in Tribeca doubles as his art studio.

Along with him many successes, he’s had a couple of failures. One particular failure he remembers is a company that produced specialized binoculars. The “Bnox” was something he thought people would like, but it turned into a huge failure. As cool as they may have seemed, people just didn’t respond to it well. Honestly, he admits he worked with the startup because toy soldiers with binoculars were his favorite toys as a child. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

Like many other successful businessmen, Becker collects antiquities. His passion is ancient African currencies. Some of his prized possessions include coins over a millennium old. Those, he likes to have reproduced as large sculptures.

According to Huffingtonpost, that venture failed, but his cookie venture was quite successful. While living in Los Angeles, one of Becker’s friends convinced him to invest in a Hawaiian macadamia nut farm. They spent $4 million and built about a dozen orchards with homes on them. That venture eventually paid off when they sold the nuts to Mrs. Fields cookies for $10 million.

As for his many real estate ventures, his projects on Sullivan Street are getting the most attention. He originally invested in one building.

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