Working to Keep Our Prison Safer with Securus Technologies

Each time an inmate can get their hands on illegal contraband inside the jail, it puts all of us in danger. One inmate on drugs and having a violent episode could attack prison staff, officers, visitors, and other inmates. This is why it is so important that me and my team are working tirelessly to locate and eliminate any threats of drugs inside the jail. This just a little easier with the help of Securus Technologies.


In the past, in order to maintain some degree of order inside the jail, we needed to do surprise cell inspections around the clock. The effectiveness would wear off if the inmates knew we were coming to their cells every day. What they would do is simply hide things outside the cell, making it harder for us to pin the contraband on a certain inmate. We used to monitor the calls the inmates would make with limited success, until Securus Technologies installed the new call monitoring system we use today.


The LBS software is designed to listen to all the calls and pick up specific chatter that will then alert officers immediately so action can be swift. If an inmate is asking a family member to bring drugs, we have the ability to be able to stop this person at the gates and do a search before they even get inside the facility. The monitoring system is currently used in thousands of prisons around this country, and the objective of those employees is making the world safer for all.


This month we see how efficient the monitoring system can be. It has already tipped us off to wear drugs are hidden in the yard, what folks are hiding drugs in their cells, and who is bringing drugs into the visitor center to pass to inmates.


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