Highland Capital Management and its contribution in the investment field

Highland Capital management is a very successful global investment manager that has managed to build a great reputation for itself. This is because of its wonderful service and successfully managing many investments. The company was founded as a result of a partnership that was formed between James Dondero and Mark Okada. James Dondero is the head of the company and Mark Okada works as the CIO of the company. The company is mainly focused on managing investment funds such as; hedge funds, mutual funds, and structured investment. it was founded years ago and since then, it has recorded a steady growth in its assets and income. Read more about James Dondero at Wikipedia.com.

Highland Capital management has managed to become a great company and has opened many offices in other parts of the world. This has greatly contributed to its global popularity and many people have appreciated it due to its wonderful services. It has become a multi-billion dollar company and currently, the company operates many investment platforms and has to rely on benefited both institutional and retail investors across the world. Highland Capital management also deals with investments in real estate, structured credit, private equity and sector and regional verticals which are made according to specific term and conditions.

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The company has its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas in the United States and people from around the world can be able to get their services through their offices which are located in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, New York, and Seoul. Because of the company’s expansion, it has managed to provide many people with job opportunities. The company has achieved a lot. One of the achievements is the completion of CLO Value Fund which was used to invest in the secondary CLO debt equity. The exemplary team that works at Highland Capital management is experienced, disciplined and works do their best to achieve the companies goals and objectives. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

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