Mikhail Blagosklonny Develops TOR Signaling to Fight Cancer and Aging

Being the core medical problem in the society, cancer has attracted the attention of many researchers, scientists and donors. The core interest of this attraction is finding a cure for the disease. One such scientist with the interest of finding treatment as well as developing therapies is Mikhail Blagosklonny. This man has made massive contributions towards finding treatment and therapies for cancer. He has also invested in finding treatment for age-related diseases. The specialist in oncology has excellent academic credentials to prove that he is qualified to take the medical fraternity to the next level. View his LinkedIn profile


Mikhail Blagosklonny is a prominent oncologist with expertise in scientific research. He has authored more than 180 articles on cancer and age-related diseases. Apart from authoring, he has assisted in the authoring many book chapters. These books have a tremendous contribution to the fight against cancer. Most chapters highlight molecular and cellular biology as well as the cycle of cancer cells in the immune system. One of his successful works as an author includes the TOR signaling. Blagosklonny explains that TOR, target of rapamycin plays a vital role in cell longevity. The result is a delayed autophagy. In return, there is a promoted cellular synthesis of protein.

TOR Signaling

With a clear understanding of the sequences of these processes, comes a slowed process of aging. The results include a delay in the progress of age-related illnesses. Additionally, Blagosklonny proposed that the overexpression of target of rapamycin prevented autophagy. This significantly contributes to the growth of cancerous tumors. It, therefore, means that the regulation can assist in treatment. Blagosklonny believes that a clear understanding of these details by the medical practitioners is essential in acquiring anti-cancer drugs. Visit ResearchGate.Net to learn more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Blagosklonny’s Profile

Blagosklonny is a scholar and scientist. His works extend beyond cancer research. He is a career executive at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The professor of oncology joined the institution in 2009. He has worked at Ordway Research Institute too. In this organization, he was a research scientist. With his academic credentials, Blagosklonny was appointed an associate professor at New York Medical College. Currently, he is a core editor. He publishes Oncotarget. This is a peer viewed medical journal. In his articles, Blagosklonny disseminates information on cancer and the available treatment therapies.