MB2 Dental Solutions

MB2 dental is a dental management and practice development firm that happens to partner with affiliate dentists and practice owners countrywide. The firm, which is made up by dentists, ensures that the customer’s needs are placed before profit. The firm’s affiliate offices assist practice owners to run their practices effectively but allowing them the authority to maintain control of the standard of care, they offer their patients.

The firm has around 70 affiliated locations spread out over six states bringing together dentists from all over the country and from all levels of experience together to further their career opportunities. The firm looks to ways of relieving dentists and practice owners from non-clinical issues, which tend to be confusing and time-consuming to them when their main focus is usually fulfilling their clinical duties to their patients.

Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder and CEO of MB2 dental with vast experience as an associate dentist, associate dentist trainer and a mentor among other elite posts. He not only has experience in the dental field as a medical professional but also has a unique understanding of the business side of the field.

This makes him a perfect fit at the managerial post of the firm, which he couples with chair side where he continues to mentor new dentists on their various options. Dr. Villanueva works hand in hand with other leadership heads including Justin Carroll who serves as the Chief Operating Officer, the President Justin Puckett and Mark Fuller the Chief Financial Officer.

The firm with its experienced team of leaders offers dentists not only assistance in management and non-clinical duties but also offers the dentists with opportunities to progress their careers in their various MB2 affiliated offices as fast as their drive and skills can allow them.

In several employee reviews, employees describe the firm as growing and that which offers plenty of opportunities for career accomplishments and advancement. They describe it as having a great working environment conducive for acquiring, even more, knowledge in the field. Their website offers great insight on what the firm is all about at MB2 Dental.