Working to Keep Our Prison Safer with Securus Technologies

Each time an inmate can get their hands on illegal contraband inside the jail, it puts all of us in danger. One inmate on drugs and having a violent episode could attack prison staff, officers, visitors, and other inmates. This is why it is so important that me and my team are working tirelessly to locate and eliminate any threats of drugs inside the jail. This just a little easier with the help of Securus Technologies.


In the past, in order to maintain some degree of order inside the jail, we needed to do surprise cell inspections around the clock. The effectiveness would wear off if the inmates knew we were coming to their cells every day. What they would do is simply hide things outside the cell, making it harder for us to pin the contraband on a certain inmate. We used to monitor the calls the inmates would make with limited success, until Securus Technologies installed the new call monitoring system we use today.


The LBS software is designed to listen to all the calls and pick up specific chatter that will then alert officers immediately so action can be swift. If an inmate is asking a family member to bring drugs, we have the ability to be able to stop this person at the gates and do a search before they even get inside the facility. The monitoring system is currently used in thousands of prisons around this country, and the objective of those employees is making the world safer for all.


This month we see how efficient the monitoring system can be. It has already tipped us off to wear drugs are hidden in the yard, what folks are hiding drugs in their cells, and who is bringing drugs into the visitor center to pass to inmates.


Securus Technologies protects inmates and prisoners

Securus Technologies provides many solutions for local and state correctional facilities. It began offering collect call and recording services for inmates. It expanded into providing video visitation services for department of corrections services recently by providing medical technology solutions for the same facilities. These services are a natural extension of its video visitation services. It gives inmates the ability to visit doctors for minor issues without having to leave the facilities. This improves health care for inmates as it gives them access to more doctors. It also allows the staff to more safely and easily manage dangerous inmates.


This new video teleconferencing technology helped protect my husband who works in a state prison. He works in the administrative segregation area of the facility, and he deals with the more difficult to manage prisoners on a regular basis. These inmates often fake injuries or sometimes injure themselves to get out of the area. One of the inmates started throwing up in his cell one day. My husband could not tell whether the inmate was forcing himself to vomit or if it was an actual illness.


Prison staff usually suspect prisoners are faking such illnesses. It’s an understandable suspicion since they work with criminals every day. The guards must be careful, however, not every claim of injury or illness these prisoners make is false. Sometimes they are real. My husband secured the prisoner and took him to medical to use the medical teleconferencing systems.


The distant doctor determined that he most likely had a stomach bug, and he determined that the illness should pass in a day or two. The doctor told prison staff to keep an eye on the prisoner and make sure he drank plenty of fluids. The prisoner survived, and there was no need to endanger hospital staff.

Conflict between Securus Technologies and the Global Tel Link (GTL) Press

GTL media has recently been at loggerheads with Securus Technologies for releasing unfounded information to the public. Securus has decided to release a statement to defend itself against the GTL inaccurate reporting as a way of protecting their reputation.


Securus Technologies is an organization specializing in offering civil and criminal justice with technology solutions that will help the correction facilities with investigations, corrections, monitoring, and safety to the inmates and the public. The main offices of the company are located in Dallas Texas.


Securus Technologies play a fundamental role in Texas as it serves over 3000 public safety, correction and law enforcement agencies. Besides, the correction facility is the home to around 1.2million inmates spread in various parts of the world. The organization is highly devoted to delivering quality services and connections. They are in the forefront in ensuring access to emergency responses to inmates and staff, incident management, providing public information, aiding communication and biometric evaluation among others.


With this kind of responsibility, the correctional facility management had to release a formal statement counteracting the inaccurate information from GTL. The organization decided to adopt this method instead of suing GTL to save time and money involved in litigations.


One of the allegations leveled against Securus by GTL is that it has been using GTL patented technologies. The correction facility brushes this information and denies using GTL video technology.


Therefore, Securus believes that litigation path GTL are considering, is illogical. Securus technologies will win the case, and the GTL will be disadvantaged. However, Securus are ready to challenge GTL’s technology, defending themselves as well as asserting their patents as a way of responding to the attacks.


Securus is no doubt ahead of GTL in terms of technology usage as they have united with JPay to provide the correction centers with digital payments platforms, education and entertainment among others.

Securus Technologies’ Caller Voice Recognition Software To Revolutionize Crime Detection In Prisons

The latest software to come out of the Texas Based, Securus Technologies is that of Investigator Pro ™ 4.0. Its capabilities are set to revolutionize the way that criminal activity is detected within and without the current prison calling system. What is does is to recognize the voice of the person with whom an inmate is conversing as it matches their voice with their identity.


With this system, prison officials can discover whether a certain person has spoken on the phone with numerous inmates, enabling them to pinpoint types of crime that were previously untraceable.


Not only can the software detect with whom an inmate is speaking, but in addition, it can help expose crime rings if the voice should belong to an ex-inmate or person who is involved in gang-relate activities. It enables officials to connect the dots and analyze information in new and interesting ways.


This is not the first product from Securus Technologies to aid with prison transactions; they previously acquired JPay, which is used in more than 33 correctional systems and whose uses range from email, educational and other apps, as well as electronic payments. JPay is used in prison systems which house 1.6 million inmates in total.


Securus Technologies has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is accredited by the same. They employ roughly 1,000 people and have contracts with 2,600 prison facilities in the United States alone.