Highland Capital Management and its contribution in the investment field

Highland Capital management is a very successful global investment manager that has managed to build a great reputation for itself. This is because of its wonderful service and successfully managing many investments. The company was founded as a result of a partnership that was formed between James Dondero and Mark Okada. James Dondero is the head of the company and Mark Okada works as the CIO of the company. The company is mainly focused on managing investment funds such as; hedge funds, mutual funds, and structured investment. it was founded years ago and since then, it has recorded a steady growth in its assets and income. Read more about James Dondero at Wikipedia.com.

Highland Capital management has managed to become a great company and has opened many offices in other parts of the world. This has greatly contributed to its global popularity and many people have appreciated it due to its wonderful services. It has become a multi-billion dollar company and currently, the company operates many investment platforms and has to rely on benefited both institutional and retail investors across the world. Highland Capital management also deals with investments in real estate, structured credit, private equity and sector and regional verticals which are made according to specific term and conditions.

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The company has its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas in the United States and people from around the world can be able to get their services through their offices which are located in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, New York, and Seoul. Because of the company’s expansion, it has managed to provide many people with job opportunities. The company has achieved a lot. One of the achievements is the completion of CLO Value Fund which was used to invest in the secondary CLO debt equity. The exemplary team that works at Highland Capital management is experienced, disciplined and works do their best to achieve the companies goals and objectives. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

Paul Mampilly’s Investment Newsletter: 60,000 Subscribers And Growing

Nowadays, you can rarely survive the investment world without professional guidance and someone to explain what are the best investments today, as the financial world is constantly changing, even more than we think.

For those who are smart enough to seek guidelines from real investors who have found success, there is a very influential newspaper that has reached its 60,000 subscribers in March of 2017. With just a few months publishing, it is certainly one of the most impressive newspapers when talking about growth rate. The Profits Unlimited research newspaper started from scratch and is going towards its 100,000 members mark.

Before talking about the newspaper, it is important to explain who the publisher of the articles is. Paul Mampilly is a former investor and businessman who experienced for himself the tricks and downfalls of the Wall Street. He was a hedge fund manager who succeeded in the industry, as well as an agent in the renowned international bank: The Deutsche Bank.

Perhaps the biggest achievement of the investor was the competition that he won while he was an investor in Wall Street: A competition of Templeton Foundation, which measured the competency of candidates in turning a specific amount of dollars in the biggest profit that they could. Paul Mampilly managed to raise an initial amount of $50 million in $88 million.

The investor has put all of the knowledge that he acquired in years of working in the Wall Street and in a variety of banks into his newsletter Profits Unlimited. Subscribers of the Profits Unlimited get studies made by the investor to this date, as he is a former hedge fund manager but is still very active and is constantly unveiling new methods of investing your money, be it with risk or risk-free.

This is how Paul Mampilly helps his subscribers: Every month, Mampilly reviews the current market state and unveils a new method of investing in a specific stock that he finds is currently the most attractive one, based on a number of reasons. In eight pages, he explains why this stock is the one that is the most promising to give better rewards to those who invest in it for the following month. Of course, the members of the newspaper go on their way and buy their share of the stock on their own, to learn from the business and how to buy stocks. Mampilly’s methods make sure that his readers are active and critical about the subject.

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Marc Sparks: Austin’s Serial Entpreneur and Philanthropy Hero

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur who is based in Austin, Texas. Sparks has been starting a plethora of startups since 1975 after graduating from high school. Some of these startups have been amazing success stories, and others have been utter failures. Nevertheless, Sparks learn and grew through it all, and now he has spread his kernels of wisdom to the world in his book called They Can’t Eat You.


In writing this book, Sparks stated how emotionally painful it was. He mentioned how it was great recalling starting a software firm in which he sold products where he earned $200 million per year. But on the other hand, it was painstaking to begin an insurance holding firm that grew to a market cap worth nearly a billion dollars, just to lose it all within ninety days. With this book, he aims to encourage others who are struggling to accomplish their dreams. Also, Sparks said that his faith, tenacity, passion, focus, monetization savviness, and an outrageous urgency sense are all the traits that contributed to his success. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/marc.sparks1


Sparks has a private equity company called the Timber Creek Capital. In this company, he oversees a plethora of portfolio organizations. He also develops short term and long term growth plans, and establishes a business model. He maintains an open door policy always in which he and his entire team meet in real time as well. Learn more: http://timbercreekcapital.com/


Outside of publishing and running his business, Sparks also has a deep passion with charities and philanthropy. Since the late 80s, he has been working with The Samaritan Inn, a Texas homeless shelter. At this shelter, he helps those who help themselves. Approximately 160 residents are there each night with an average stay of five months. And while living there, the residents will undergo financial education, counseling, job placement, health programs, and family services. Learn more: http://sparktankdfw.com/


Other philanthropic endeavors include him assisting in constructing more than a dozen homes for the Habitat for Humanity. Sparks also hugely supports the American Can! Academy, a magnet high school network. And with this program, he has a foundation called Sparky’s Kids in which Sparks donates over a thousand, brand new computers to kids who are at risk of impoverished and other relatable conditions.

Madison Street Capital Initiates DCG Software Value Transaction To Promote Efficient Service Delivery in Organization

Madison Street Capital recently acted as the initiator and financial adviser of DCG Software in a partnership with Spitfire Group. Madison Street Capital also known as MSC is a leading financial adviser capitalizing in offering financial services to middle markets. DCG Software Value is a software company geared towards utilizing software development metrics in a bid to provide real-time analysis to an organization’s team through software development practices. The Spitfire Group is a technological company that was established with the mission of providing efficient technology for critical projects. The aim of the partnership was to provide advanced software for efficient management.




The partnership announcement was made by Charles Botchway, the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital. Although the terms of the partnership were not disclosed, Charles said that both firms had a high-quality leadership background with exceptional management thanks to the two chief executive officers of the companies, Mark Richtermeyer and Mike Harris. Botchway added that he was elated to be part of the business and was honored to have been selected to initiate the transaction by the two IT industry leaders. Mr. Harris stated that Madison Street Capital provided sufficient and revolutionary analysis from the commencement of the meeting to the close of the deal. He also added that the two companies would continue to work Madison Street Capital because the company is in a position to expand their entrepreneurial networks.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a leading investment banking firm across the world. The organization is committed to its mission statement of integrity, leadership service and excellence in providing financial advisory services, financial options, valuation services, mergers and acquisitions to private as well as public firms. The services MSC offers have played a primary role in strategically positioning it in a market niche. Through the team of qualified professionals, Madison Street Capital reputation has attracted a huge client’s base. For Madison, the customer is king, and by undertaking any project, the company is admitting to absorbing all the issues a client has. The objectives and goals of the clients become Madison’s sole responsibility. From capital raises to the reassignment of ownership, Madison Street Capital is committed to proper service delivery. The firm has earned client trust through perfect service delivery. With the unwavering dedication to offer the best, Madison remains a leading financial services provider and a force to reckon with in the industry.


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The Madison Street Capital and Ares Security Corp’s Recapitalization Arrangement Deal

Madison Street Capital and Ares Security Corp entered an equity recapitalization arrangement earlier on in the year. The deal was meant to help Ares Security Corp raise its capital through minority equity and debt subordination. Madison Street Capital was the sole financial advisor to Ares Security Corp in this process. Minority equity and debt subordination programs enable firms to raise capital while retaining control. This form of recapitalization is also favorable for it minimizes the dilution of shareholders returns. Corbel Structured Equity was appointed to be the financing partner for Ares Security.


The transaction was announced on January 10, 2017, by Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital. Reginald McGaugh, Madison’s Senior Managing Director, led the transaction execution process. He expressed appreciation, on behalf of Madison Street Capital, for the opportunity to steer the process. He remarked that it was truly an honor for them to work with Ares Security. In a concluding remark, McGaugh applauded Ares Security for the important role it plays in securing crucial global assets. The Vienna, Austria Based Tech giant, was described as a unique company with a superior management team. It is a provider of high-quality end -to -end security software solutions.


In reiteration, Ben Eazzetta, Ares Security Corp’s president, congratulated Madison Street Capital for their good work. He applauded the team for enabling them to find an appropriate financing partner and come up with a new capital structure. As per Eazzetta’s remarks, Ares Security Corp was generally very impressed with the assistance offered by Madison Street Capital. The due diligence, valuation analysis, and capital raising processes were professionally executed. This enabled Ares Security to find an appropriate financing partner; Corbel Structured Capital Partners. Corbel’s favorable capital solutions package and supportive partnership were of great advantage to Ares Security.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a Chicago, Illinois-based international investment banking advisory firm. Madison Street Capital reputation comes from its commitment to leadership, excellence and quality service. It has more than 12 years’ experience in investment and banking advisory services. It offers a myriad of services across areas such as mergers and acquisitions expertise, private equity, corporate tax planning, valuation services and financial opinions. The quality of services it offers guarantees its clients success in the global markets. Madison Street Capital is dedicated to helping its clients achieve their goals through research-based expert advisory services. It boasts of having several major global companies as its clients.


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Samuel Strauch: The Real Estate Investment Guru

Samuel Strauch is a Real Estate investor and is currently a Principal at Metrik Real Estate, a leading investment firm in Real Estate in Miami Beach, Florida.

Samuel Strauch attended Erasmus University Rotterdam and graduated with a degree in International Marketing and International Finance. In 1991, he joined the Hofstra University and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business.

His studies in Finance, Capital Market, and Real Estate greatly influenced his career, and he took Capital Market and Real Estate investments as a full-time job. He started out his career in banking, but in 2012, he identified a market in South Beach, Florida and founded Metrik Real Estate. Through his leadership, the company has grown and expanded its operations in other Latin America countries. The company mainly deals in developing, sourcing, brokerage, maintaining and acquisition of Real Estate.

Samuel Strauch has credited his success to his ability to conduct thorough analysis, transparency, professionalism, and his forward thinking mentality. He tries to influence his team members and investors to have the same mentality as him.

Samuel Strauch has been considered as a ‘Smart Investor’. He once stated that for one to succeed in Real Estate business, you must have a good and definite understanding of the Macro and Micro market. It’s only through this understanding that you will be able to deliver custom tailored products to your clients. He has also considered himself as an ‘amateur but eager student’ of psychology.

His ability to identify an opportunity in the market has led him to be included in a list of the most influential and sort-after investor. He believes in human growth and urges each person to contribute to this cause actively.

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