How Copa Star has stayed Ahead of Brazil’s Healthcare Provision Sector

Brazilians who live in Rio de Janeiro neighboring towns did not have easy access to an advanced medical center before the launching of the Copa Star Hospital in November 2016. The problem was noted by D’Or networks, which decided to establish the state-of-the-art healthcare center in the city. The hospital has gained local and international recognition due to the excellent treatment and five-star accommodations services that it offers to the patients. Many people prefer to receive healthcare at the facility due to its remarkable reputation. The establishment of Copa Star has led to a significant reduction in the number of Brazilian who are flown out of the country to receive better treatment in other parts of the world. D’Or networks kicked off the construction of the facility in 2014 after the world cup. It is also focused on building top-notch care facilities in various Brazilian cities. D’Or network presently manages about 22 world-class hospitals that have been constructed in different parts of Brazil.

The services that are offered at Copa Star stand out due to its combination of modern technology, luxurious accommodation, and highly trained professionals. It has hired talented medical personnel from different parts of the globe. The hospital has always emphasized in offering excellent hospitality to its guests. All its employees are encouraged to handle the patients in a friendly and loving manner. Copa Star’s reception is attractive and has comfortable seats for its guests. It has also eliminated the scent of medicine from its hallways by using sweet aromas. The patients who are admitted to recover at the hospital are accommodated in five-star suites that have been equipped with all the amenities that they may need.

Service provision at Copa Star is made simpler by its smart hospitality system that improves communications between the doctors and the patients. The software has been customized and is installed on iPads that all patients receive when they are admitted. It ensures that an individual is comfortable during his or her stay at the medical facility. The system can be used by the patients in controlling their ambiance and also reaching the healthcare professionals.


D’Or networks invested heavily to ensure that the hospital has the best architecture and medical technology. Copa Star owns state-of-the-art equipment that is used in offering outstanding cardiology and neurological solutions. It also has top-notch diagnostic facilities and hybrid recovery rooms, which ensure that all the patients recover well. Copa Star has invested in 59 intensive care units that are well maintained to ensure that they are always operational. The total worth of the company is about $500 million, and its medical technology and equipment are valued at about $100 million. It has about 113 doctors and nurses who are skilled and experienced in various medical fields. Read more at about Copa Star.