Cotemar’s Successful Career Track in the Mexican Oil and Gas Industry

Since the beginning of oil exploration in Mexico, the government-owned oil company Pemex has managed all the oil assets and businesses in the country. Recently, after the government’s motion to issue tenders to the private companies, privately owned oil companies in the region will have a share in the oil exploration enterprise of the country. With the involvement of international companies such as Cotemar, the oil sector of Mexico is speculated to undergo a massive revolution. However, the change will have some challenges such as inheritance of preexisting land issues from business dealings of Pemex and unresolved social matters. The Mexican government issued a report to assure the public that it will take the necessary steps to manage the country’s oil production, royalties, and taxation despite the number of challenges that will affect the business procession with the private companies.



Cotemar is a Mexican privately owned oil and gas company that has provided services to Pemex for a long time. The company’s business dealings offer business opportunities similar to the ones taken up by Pemex. Cotemar develops solutions for the state to extract oil and gas by innovating technology that extracts oil products in offshore regions. Currently, the firm is set to expand its business by developing new vessels and bringing in more investors. Cotemar began offering services and solutions to the oil industry in 1980 and has since grown to become the biggest offshore oil extracting company in all of Mexico, with more than thirty vessels.



Cotemar has a strong dedication to offering job opportunities that maximize the talents and skills of their employees. They apply training lessons, create innovate workshops and enter into business contracts with universities and colleges to support students in search of jobs in the oil industry. Gilberto Pacheco Hernandez testified that since his recruitment to the company while it was still young, he has experienced satisfaction growing with the company and earned an immense amount of skills and knowledge from its training courses. Cotemar believes that the potentiality of the company has a close connection to the professionalism and excellence of their staff, hence commits to training and developing the skills of its workforce.