Real Estate, Fine Arts, Bio Tech, Investments, and Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker has been an important name in the business world since the 1970s. He has been known for being involved in many different types of investment companies, fashion designer companies, and other business adventures. His most recent business dealings have led to an interview and subsequent article published by the Real Deal real estate news website. The article was published in March 2017.

The Real Deal discussed Arthur Becker’s latest real estate project. He has been a financial backer for many developers but this is his first project as the main person. It is a multi-million dollar redevelopment project in the heart of the Tribeca neighborhood. The article also discussed some of the other real estate projects that Arthur Becker is currently involved with in the New York City area. One project is located on West 57th Street and the other is on Sullivan Street. Both projects include buildings that will offer luxury residential housing options. Mr. Becker is a financial backer in both of these projects.

Real Estate is only one of the many business dealings that Mr. Becker is currently involved in. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman for the investment firm Zinio LLC. He is also the managing member of Madison Partners LLC.

Madison Partners LLC., is a bio technology firm. He has also held several other high powered positions in various companies throughout the years. One of these positions was as the senior adviser to the Vera Wang Fashion Company.

Mr. Becker is also a very well known photographer in the New York City and Palm Beach, Florida area. His photography projects have been shown in a variety of galleries in these cities for the past twenty years. Photography was in fact one of his earliest career aspirations and was one of his majors at Bennington College. Visit his LinkedIn for more details.

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